New Clients

Gail Goodman, M.Ed., LPC
Counseling & Consulting
When I receive a call about my counseling services I am usually able to return the call within 24 hours and spend 10-15 minutes talking on the phone before setting up an appointment. During that initial free consultation we would discuss your concerns and I would answer any questions you might have. This gives both of us the opportunity to see if I may be a good match for what you are wanting in a therapist. If so, we can usually set up an initial appointment within one to two weeks. If not, I am happy to give you names and numbers of other therapists and resources that may be more appropriate for your needs.

The decision to choose a counselor and begin therapy is an important one. It can be difficult to share your personal life with someone you have only known a short while. For this reason I encourage those who are new to this process to "interview" a few therapists by phone - or in person if you can afford that. It's important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and who has the experience and expertise your situation requires.

This information is included so that you will know how my practice works. If we set up an appointment there is a two-page form to complete and we will review that information together in the first session. You technically become a counseling “client” when we both have agreed to the following:

Confidentiality: I keep all information regarding you and everything you say confidential unless you give me written permission to share that information. The exceptions to confidentiality are: 1) someone’s life may be at risk, 2) there is apparent child or elder abuse, or 3) I receive a court order. Any legal proceedings requiring my services are billed at 3 times my full hourly rate. 

Telephone Contact: Calls and messages are confidential. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or the Hotline at 512-472-HELP. Though I do, with permission, use email and text to schedule appointments with established clients, I only provide counseling in person and at my office.

Payment Policy: My fee for individual counseling is $150 per hour and the forms of payment I accept are credit and debit cards, personal checks and cash. My psychotherapy services may be covered by some insurance PPO plans but clients will need to file their own claims and paperwork. I do provide monthly statements if requested. You are responsible for paying the fee for any appointment canceled less than 24 hours in advance or missed completely.

If you are interested in talking with me about my services or setting up an appointment please leave a message on my confidential voice mail at 
512-797-3323. I look forward to speaking with you.

NEW CLIENTS: Please download, print out and complete the 2-page Client Forms and the 2-page HIPAA form and bring them with you to our first session. Thank you!
New Client Information