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Gail Goodman, M.Ed., LPC
Counseling & Consulting
Professional Experience: I maintain a small private practice in southwest Austin where I work with only a few clients at a time. Since 1995 I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor. My professional experience also includes 9 years as Executive Director for three non-profit organizations (Waterloo Counseling Center, Out Youth, Austin Grief & Loss Center) and 9 years as a Faculty Member/Teacher/Coach (Austin Community College, St. Stephens School.) Along with my private practice, most recently I have also provided LGBTQ diversity training at The University of Texas (UT) through the Gender and Sexuality Center, worked in career services at UT and served as facilitator for the Austin LGBTQ/HIV/Social Justice Executive Director support group.

Education and Licensing: My background includes a Masters in Counseling (M.Ed.) from Texas State University, a BA in Psychology and BBA in Business Management from UT Austin. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (TX 13620). Post-graduate training includes specialized certification in treating anxiety, 90 hours of Somatic Experiencing (SE) training, and numerous trainings given and received regarding issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Individual Therapy: Though I work with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, my real passion and area of interest is working with those who identify as part of the queer community. This includes those whose attraction to others may not fit neatly or even remotely into a heterosexual box and those who may identify with a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth or may identify as gender non-conforming. When working with clients, I believe the most important part of therapy is being able to develop a trusting relationship. My approach is relational and strengths-based. Since 1995 I have worked with hundreds of clients who have struggled with anxiety, depression, relationship and family concerns, career issues, identity as it relates to sexual orientation and gender, self-esteem and developing greater awareness and self-acceptance. I work with adults, young adults, and youth ages 13 and above with parental support.

Integrative Approach: My practice is integrative, holistic and mind-body focused as there can be many reasons for anxiety, panic attacks, persistent depression and other conditions that affect our mental health. I believe that exploring what an individual is experiencing in their body, mind, heart and spirit as it relates to mental health is key to determining and addressing the root causes of distress. I provide therapy from a client-centered perspective and our work can include a variety of approaches including making cognitive-behavioral changes, increasing self-acceptance, improving self-care, resolving past hurts and trauma and finding greater purpose and meaning through self-discovery. 

Consulting and Training: In addition to my work with individual clients I also provide consulting and training to organizations addressing a variety of staff development, communication and change management concerns. I have worked with numerous nonprofit and for-profit groups during the past 20 years. Please see my resume below for more information.

Contact Information: If you would like to schedule a time to talk with me or schedule a session please leave a confidential message at 512-797-3323.

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