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Gail Goodman, M.Ed., LPC
Training & Consulting

Gail is Currently Not Accepting Any New Counseling Clients

Welcome! The decision to seek assistance from a licensed counselor can be life-changing. For many, it may be difficult to consider talking with someone you have never met about what is really going on in your life. It is important to find a professional that is right for you and I hope this site provides you with helpful information about my background, education, specializations and the way I work with clients. Whether you are seeking greater self-acceptance, help with relationships, relief from anxiety and depression, making a major career change or grieving a loss, it is important to work with someone you feel you can trust. It is especially helpful if their training and experience are in areas related to your concerns. 

Interviewing a therapist by phone or in person can help you get an idea of what it would be like to work with them. I typically spend 10-15 minutes talking with callers and answering questions by phone before scheduling an appointment. If I am not the right person for you to work with I can provide you with names of other professionals and organizations that might be more appropriate for your needs. I have had a private practice as a psychotherapist in Austin since 1995 and below is a list of areas in which I specialize and have extensive training and experience:

Self-Care        Relationships        Sexual Orientation        Gender Identity        Career     Self-Esteem      Anxiety        Depression

My approach to psychotherapy is relational, integrative and holistic. My goal is to help you identify the causes of your difficulties and navigate through them as smoothly as possible. I am a strengths-based therapist and believe that ultimately you know yourself better than anyone and that you are the best person to go to for your answers. When those answers are not clear or we feel stuck, something may be getting in the way. I see my role as facilitating the process of helping you determine what is getting in your way and helping you move past it. In that process I consider key aspects of your life including family background, relationship patterns, school, work, environment, self-care and your core beliefs and values. Sometimes clients are also working with other health practitioners to receive specialized services. In those instances it can be helpful for me to collaborate and communicate with those professionals to coordinate your care.

If you are interested in learning more about my training or consulting practice I can be reached by confidential voice mail at 512-797-3323 or by email (which is not considered confidential) at Contacting me by phone is the quickest and most reliable way of reaching me. Thanks for taking the time to view my site!